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ICESTA has a range of flake ice machines, tube ice machines and block ice machines. The products of ICESTA are incompliance with CE safety. Daily capacities are available from 500kg to 60000kg. ICESTA ice machines are widely used in the supermarkets,bars and restaurants, seafood and meat processing plants, poultry slaughtering houses, leather manufacturing, and industries of chemical dye, mining, concrete cooling, medical equipment, ocean-going fishing and artificial skiing field.

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Shenzhen Brother Ice systems Co., Ltd (ICESTA for short) found in 2007, it has been rising to fame rapidly in the past few years in the refrigeration & ice making industry. The brand name ICESTA has been recognized as a byword for quality products and superb services.


Currently, Ice functional efficiency level of research there are still gaps. First, the most critical part of the ice machine and ice refrigeration compressor parts, refrigeration compressor company with international brand focused on Europe and the United States and Japan, although in recent years the domestic refrigeration compressor
The new ice machine hose connection, the installation more convenient, using 3D simulation of the assembly, compact, small footprint. Using evaporator coil, no longer worried because there is no time to add salt, resulting in lower salt concentration, evaporator freeze and damage the compared to the traditional shell and tube evaporator
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